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Differences between Cement Grinding Plant & Full Cement

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1. Process flow: Cement Grinding Plant only has cement grinding system and packaging system. The Full Cement Plant contains a complete set of production lines such as raw material grinding, clinker making, cement grinding and packaging systems. 
2. The nature of the factory: cement grinding station is a cement product production unit formed independently from the final product stage of cement production; The cement plant includes the complete process of cement production. 
3. Processing characteristics: Cement Grinding Station processing stage will add the cement clinker into the appropriate amount of mixed materials for grinding, to produce the finished cement. The production of cement plant generally can be divided into three processes: raw material preparation, clinker calcination and cement making.
The production process of silicate cement is representative in cement production. It is made of limestone and clay as the main raw materials, which are crushed, mixed and finely ground into raw meal, and then fed into the cement kiln to calcinate into clinker, and then the clinker is finely ground with an appropriate amount of gypsum (and sometimes mixed materials or admixtures).
The site selection of cement grinding station is generally to establish cement clinker production line near the raw material mining area, and to establish cement grinding station near large and medium-sized cities, which is close to the cement sales market, so as to reduce the transportation cost.
If the clinker production line is located near the city, the transportation cost will increase by 60% as each ton of clinker requires about 1.6 tons of raw meal. If the grinding station and clinker production line are built near the raw material mine, the mixing material will be transported to the cement plant built near the mine, since most of the mixing material is waste generated by the city. The pulverized cement is then transported to the city for use, adding to transportation costs. Therefore, the construction of a milling station near the city has its social and economic benefits to save transportation costs. Cement milling stations have been built around many large and medium-sized cities.
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