Coal Ball Mill

Model: Φ1200x2400 -- Φ2900x4700 (mm)


Capacity: 1.2 - 16 (t/h)


Increase Production: 10%-20%

Application: Coal Power Plant, Cement Plant, etc.

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Whatsapp:+86 15237956296


Coal ball mill is an ideal coal processing equipment that can both grind and dry, with characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, 8% and above of its grinding coal can pass through the 200 mesh screen, and the water content can be under 2%, it is an ideal grinding equipment for coal powders that are used in industrial furnaces and rotary kilns and other equipment.

ZK Corp have rich project experience in many countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Iran, Kuwait, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guyana, Russia, Armenia, Tanzania, and many more. Looking forward to your inquiry, we will give you professional suggestion, perfect service and best price.

Spare Parts Supply:
ZK Corp also provide high quality ball mill spare parts according to your drawing, such as ball mill liner, grinding balls, large gear ring, cylinder, bearing seat, large gear, small gear, etc.


1. Compared with the ordinary ball mill, it has advantages of higher capacity, more convenient operation, safer usage, and more reliable performance.

2. This coal mill can reach your demand for grinding coal into flavour.

3. The primary air flow to the furnace is fed through the mill, with the purpose of heating and lift the coal particles out of the mill and into the furnace. If the the particles are too heavy they will drop to the bottom of the mill and will be pulverized once more.

4. The coal particles are heated to 100 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the primary air flow is manipulated for controlling this temperature measured as a temperature in the mill at the exit.

5. The primary air temperature is controlled by controlling the position of an air mixer,which mixes heated outside air and cold outside air. 


Model Grinding body
load (t)
Rev. speed
Overall dimensions
L×W×H (t)
Model Power (kW) Voltage (V)
Φ1200×2400 4.8 32 1.2-4 Y280M-8 45 380 6520×2850×2540 11.2
Φ1500×3000 8 28.8 2-3 JR125-8 95 380 7604×2630×2698 19.7
Φ1700×2500 7.5 24.5 3-5 JR116-6 95 380 6998×3700×2628 24
Φ2200×3000 13 22 5-6 JR136-8 180 380 7680×4389×2628 33.5
Φ2200×4400   21 8-9 YRKK4501-6 250 380 7880×4420×3950 39
Φ2200×5800   21 5.5-7 Y4005-8 280 380 9060×4480×3950 45.8
Φ2400×4750 22 20 10-12 YR400-8 280 6000 7770×5266×4024 49
Φ2400×(4000+2000)     10-11 YRKK450-8 250 6000 10600×5500×4024 56
Φ2400×(4500+2000)     10-12 YRKK500-8 280 6000 11200×5500×4024 59.6
Φ2500×3900     14 JR138-8 280 6000 8770x6266x4870 53
Φ2600×(5250+2250)     9-10 YRKK500-8 400 6000   74.3
Φ2800×(5000+3000)     13-13.5 Y5001-8 500 6000   86.2
Φ2900×4700 35 18.6 16 JSQ1512-6 570 6000 8930x6179x4440 81

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