Lithium Production Line

Capacity: 1000-20000 tons per year


Final Product: Battery Grade Industrial Lithium (Li2CO3)


Main Material: Spodumene, Lepidolite


Main Equipment: Roasting Kiln, Acidizing Kiln, Cooler, Ball Mill, Bag Filter

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Whatsapp:+86 15237956296


We provide complete lithium ore roasting and acidizing production line with spodumene or lepidolite as raw materials, output 1000-20000 tons annual. It has excellent product performance, stable production condition and easy operation, which has received positive recognition from users. 
With the rapid development of electronics, automobile, information and other industries, lithium, as the basic material for the production of secondary lithium salts and lithium metal products, has become the most important product in lithium compounds, and the market demand increases by 6% to 8% every year. In recent years, the application of lithium as cathode material of lithium ion battery, electrolyte, surface elastic wave element material is becoming mature, the added value of products is increasing, and the market demand is expanding rapidly.  

Lithium (Li2CO3) Production Process with Spodumene as Raw Material
Lithium (Li2CO3) Production Process with Lepidolite as Raw Material


1. The kiln body adopts a wireless temperature measurement and monitoring system, equipped with a remote intelligent variable speed kiln condition control system, which is convenient for production personnel to remotely adjust the kiln condition in real time.
2. High crystal conversion rate of raw materials, complete acidification, lithium leaching rate and lithium recovery rate are ~15% higher than traditional processes.

3. Utilize waste heat recovery at the kiln tail for acidification and heat supplementation, the energy consumption of the production line can be reduced by about 20%.
4. The cooling equipment adopts closed low-temperature cycle technology, and the dust blowing outlet is equipped with an annular air seal device. The production workshop has a certain position in the field of dust reduction and environmental protection, effectively improving the operating environment.


Spodumene as Raw Material (Without Production of Other Products)

Final Product Annual Output
Spodumene Amount
Main Equipment Model
Conversion Process Acidification Process Ball Mill
Lithium (Li2CO3) 5000 5-6 Roasting Kiln: φ2.8×50m;
Cooler: φ2.6×40m
Acidification Kiln: φ2.8×50m;
Cooler: φ2.4×35m
Lithium (Li2CO3)  10000 10-12 Roasting Kiln: φ3.5×60m;
Cooler: φ2.4×40m
Acidification Kiln: φ3.5×50m;
Cooler: φ2.4×40m

Domestic Standard Configuration List of 10,000 t/a Lithium Production Line (With Production of Other Products)

Final Product Annual Output
Spodumene Amount
Main Equipment Model
Conversion Rotary Kiln Acidizing Rotary Kiln Ball Mill
Battery Grade
Lithium (Li2CO3)
10000 23-25 Rotary Kiln: φ4.2×90m;
Cooler: φ2.8×45m
Acidification Kiln: φ4.3×58m;
Cooler: φ2.8×45m
Industrial Grade
Lithium (Li2CO3)
Anhydrous Lithium
Hydroxide Li(OH)
Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate
(Li2O 0.1%)
Leaching Residue
(Li2O 0.3%)

Lepidolite as Raw Material

Final Product Annual Output of Lithium
Amount of Mixed Raw Materials
(about 60% of Lepidolite) (t/h)
Main Equipment Model
Rotary Kiln Cooler Ball Mill
Lithium (Li2CO3) 3000 15-18 φ3.5×60m φ2.5×23m φ1.83×6.4m
Lithium (Li2CO3) 5000 25-30 φ4.2×72m φ3×45m φ3.2×13m

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