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Small Lab Disc Granulator

Small Lab Disc Granulator

Model: PQ(T)-500


Diameter: 500 mm


Pelletization Rate: ≥ 90%


Application: Bauxite, pulverized coal, limestone, coal gangue, clay, etc.

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In order to meet the needs of granulation production enterprises, research institutes, universities and colleges for the experimental research and new product development of large-scale production granulation process, according to the different characteristics of each granulator, our company has developed corresponding lab granulation equipment to meet the needs of users.

We also supply small laboratory type ZKL(T) pan granulator, laboratory double roller granulator and laboratory efficient clean powerful granulator. More information & parameter, please contact us! 

You can also bring or send materials to our factory to make a granulation experiment.


1. The adjustment of the dip angle of the disc is convenient, the structure is novel, the weight is light, the height is low, and the process layout is flexible and convenient.

2. The ball-making disc consists of the disc body and the disc section. The disc section can be adjusted up and down along the disc body, and the end of the disc section is a side flange to ensure that the ball is not pulled or torn when it is discharged.

3. After the frame is welded and the stress is removed, the mating surface is formed on the boring and milling machine at one time to ensure higher assembly precision and smoother operation.

4. The scraper device consisting of the unpowered combination scraper and the clearing scraper is used in combination with the optimized ball-making disc at the same time of clearing the bottom and clearing the edge, so that the ball-forming effect is better, and the qualified ball is more than 90%.


Model Disc Power(kW) Weight(t)
Dia (mm) Height(mm) Slope (°) Speed(r/min)
PQ(T)-500 500 160 40-60 0-42 2.2 0.2


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