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Large Scale Disc Granulator

Large Scale Disc Granulator

Model: PQ50 - PQ75


Capacity: 35 - 160 (t/h)

Pellet Size: 5mm ≤ Outlet Pellets ≤ 30mm


Applied material: Phosphogypsum, cement retarder, iron powder, steel ball, etc.

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The large scale disc pelletizing machine developed by Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is an excellent technological product. It has features of smooth operation, high pelletizing quality, low energy consumption and easy maintenance, and has excellent high reliability. Compared with the traditional ball making machine, it successfully avoids the instability and vibration problems caused by the cantilever shaft support structure. The innovative design of this product provides a reliable and efficient solution for phosphogypsum, cement retarder, steel pelletizing and other industries, making it the preferred equipment in the field of pellet manufacturing.
Application field: Mainly used for granulation of phosphogypsum, cement retarder pellets and steel pellets.


1. Large-diameter slewing bearings and plane bearings are used to ensure that the pelletizing disc is stable and vibration-free during operation, thereby ensuring high pelletizing quality.
2. The pelletizing output is large. The qualified ball output of the 6-meter pelletizing machine is maintained at 60-90 tons per hour, and the output of the 7.5-meter pelletizing machine is maintained at 120-160 tons per hour.
3. Low energy consumption, the energy consumption per ton of balls is 0.7-0.8 of that of traditional pelletizers, enabling enterprises to save energy and reduce consumption in the production process, and obtain considerable economic and social benefits.
4. The maintenance is easy, and there is almost no daily maintenance work during the use of the equipment. The maintenance parts of the 7.5-meter pelletizer are about 4.3 tons. Compared with traditional pelletizing machines, the maintenance amount is greatly reduced and there are fewer failures. Even the time required to replace the core components is very short, usually in about three to five days.
5. Adopting a fully enclosed internal meshing gear transmission system, the transmission gear is isolated from external dust, which effectively protects the tooth surface from wear and tear from dust and pollution, reduces the failure rate, prolongs the service life of the gear, and ensures the continuous and stable operation of the equipment.
6. The disc body of the pelletizing disc adopts plane support to make it run smoothly without vibration.
7. The center distance and clearance of the large and small gears are guaranteed by machining, so the transmission precision is high. Compared with domestic traditional pelletizers, the gap needs to be manually adjusted. If the gap is too large, too small or too biased, it will affect the transmission accuracy and service life. Some traditional pelletizers even need to adjust the gap every two months.


Large Scale Disc Granulator (Special for pellets) Technical Parameter table

Model Dia (mm) Height (mm) Capacity t/h(Pellets) Pellet Size(mm) Pellet Humidity Speed(r/min) Disc Adjustable Main Drive Motor Power(kW) Scraper Motor Power (kW) Weight(t)
PQ55 5500 600 35~60 ≥5,≤30 ~8% 6~9 45~55° 75~90 2.2×3 /
PQ60 6000 600 60~80 ≥5,≤25 ~8% 6~9 45~55° 90~110 3×3 45
PQ70 7000 650~700 80~120 ≥5,≤25 ~8% 6~9 45~55° 132~160 5.5×3 /
PQ75 7500 650~700 120~160 ≥5,≤25 ~8% 6~9 45~55° 160~200 5.5×3 /


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