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Disc Granulator Equipment

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1. Project Situation
Sign Time: 2023.11.20
Client Country:Kazakhstan
Product Name:Disc Granulator
Equipment Model:Disc Granulator PQ32
2. Solution
The equipment supplied is a disc granulator, which has the following characteristics:
1. The machine’s disc diameter is 3200mm, disc height is 640mm, and angle is 40-50°
2. It has the advantages of convenient inclination adjustment, novel structure, light weight, low height, flexible and convenient process layout
3. The ball forming disc is composed of a disc body and a disc joint. The disc joint can be adjusted up and down along the disc body, and the end of the disc joint is a side flange to ensure that the material ball will not be pulled or torn when it is put out.
4. After the frame is welded and the stress is removed, the mating surface is processed in the boring and milling machine to ensure higher assembly accuracy and more stable operation.
5. The scraper device composed of the non-power combined scraper and the Angle scraper can clear the bottom and edge at the same time, and can be used with the optimized ball forming disc to make the ball forming effect better, and the qualified material can reach more than 90%.

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