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Coal Vertical Mill

Coal Vertical Mill

Processing Ability: 5 - 45 (t/h)

Grinding Disc Dia.: 1100 - 2900 (mm)

Application: Power Plant, Cement Plant


Applied material: coal, quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, dolomite, etc.

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Vertical Coal Mill is a mechanical machine used to pulverize coal for combustion in the steam-generating furnaces of fossil fuel power plants. Vertical coal mill is the ideal powder making equipment in electric power industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, building construction, coal industry, fireproofing materials making industry and some others. The final product’s fineness of vertical coal mill can reach 38micron (400mesh). Grinding pressure can be adjusted to account for variations in coal grindability and desired product fineness. 

Vertical coal mills are designed to achieve the maximum rated capacity grinding a design coal with a grindability of 55 HGI and 8-12 percent moisture and achieving a discharge fineness of 70 per cent passing a 200 mesh screen (74 micron) and 99.5 per cent passing a 50 mesh screen. Variation of the coal hardness and/or moisture content will effect, up or down, the discharge capacity or the discharge fineness.


1.Force-Feed Lubrication
System Force-feed lubrication system extends the service life of bearing by 2.5 times.

2.Maximum Particle Fineness
Traditional roller mill either uses a static separator or dynamic separator to separate fine powder from coarse particles.Vertical coal mill brings together both types of separators for more efficient, adjustable material separation.

3.20-40% Electricity Savings
Vertical coal mill uses 20% to 40% less electricity than a traditional air-swept ball mill for the same amount of grinding task.

4.Great Drying Performance
Air-swept milling method allows our mill to handle coals of up to 10% moisture content via varying its air flow rate and temperature.

5.80-85dB Noise Level (Grade A)
Vertical coal mill is just 20-25dB quieter than ball mill.

6.Occupying less area
Vertical coal mill only takes up 60% of space needed to accommodate an equivalent ball mill, while its specific surface area is only 50% to 60% of the ball mill.


Model Capacity (t/h) Geometric diameter of grinding disc (mm) Grinding disc track diameter (mm) Feeding size (mm) Raw coal moisture (%) Coal fineness (%.R0.08) Moisture of pulverized coal (%) main motor power (kW)
ZKRM800M 5-8 1100 800 ≤25 <10 5-12% ≤1% 110
ZKRM1100M 7-12 1520 1100 ≤25 <10 5-12% ≤1% 132
ZKRM1300M 10-15 1870 1300 ≤25 <10 5-12% ≤1% 185
ZKRM1500M 16-22 2180 1500 ≤30 <10 5-12% ≤1% 250
ZKRM1700M 20-28 2400 1700 ≤30 <10 5-12% ≤1% 315
ZKRM1900M 26-35 2680 1900 ≤35 <10 5-12% ≤1% 400
ZKRM2200M 40-45 2900 2200 ≤40 <10 5-12% ≤1% 500

Remarks: Raw coal hastelloy coefficient 50-90


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