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Lime Vertical Shaft Kiln

Lime Vertical Shaft Kiln

Capacity: 50 - 500 (t/d)


Fuel: Mixed Fuel, Gas, Coal Powder


Limestone Size: 30~60 (mm) / 40~80 (mm)


Application: Lime production plant

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Lime vertical shaft kiln, is used for calcination limestone, it's the most important equipment in lime production line. Due to has low energy consumption, less cover area, less investment, wide applicability fuel, and more advantages, it was widely used in metallurgy, construction materials, calcium carbide, nanometer calcium carbonate, aerated concrete, sugaring, etc. It is especially suitable for the production Nanometer calcium carbonate. Investigate its reason that the concentration of CO2 in flue gas jet can reach more than 35%, CO2 recovery cost is low. 
The vertical kiln was manufactured by ZK Corp with modern new technology, which is an environment protection, save energy, higher machanization and automaticity, quite modern lime kiln. Because it adopts the modern technology, make full use the cheap energy, especially pollution of gas for environment harmful( such as conventer gas, blast furnace gas, calcium carbide furnace tail gas) as the energy, turn waste into wealth. Thus will protect the environment, and produce the high quality lime with lowest cost. To use this new technology enterprise, economic benefits have increased significantly.
We have built many kilns, and we will take you to visit our cases and factory when you come to China. 


1. Simplicity of construction and operation, low initial cost.

2. High thermal efficiency & high volumetric efficiency.

3. Minimum decrepitation of solid products and minumum erosion of refrectory linings due to slight movement of particles relative to each other.

4. Less cover area, because the vertical kiln in vertical layout, feeding use the single bucket elevator in high angle layout, each functional area is decorated compact, greatly reduces the cover area.

5. The shell of kiln use four layer refractory in vertical masonry, good effect of thermal insulation, the temperature of shell will be controlled higher 60℃ than environment, save energy remarkably.


Capacity 50 (t/d) 100 (t/d) 150 (t/d) 200 (t/d) 300 (t/d) 400 (t/d)
Main Equipment Main supporting equipment models and technical & economic indicators
Distributor BL-1 BL-2 BL-2 BL-3 BL-3 BL-4V
Vertical Kiln 60m³ 150m³ 200m³ 250m³ 400m³ 500m³
Kiln Chamber Section Form Round
Lime Discharging Device WF-1 WF-2 WF-2 WF-3 WF-4 WF-5
Calcination Temp. /℃ 1100±50
Energy Consumption Index /(kCal/kg Lime) 950±50
Power Consumption Index /(kW·h/t Lime) 25±5
Limestone: Lime 1.6~1.75:1
Light & Over Burnt Rate /% ≤13
Lime Activity /ml 220~280(depends on the composition of limestone)
Lime Discharging Temperature /℃ Ambient Temperature+60
Limestone Feeding Size /mm 30~80/80~120
Emission concentration /(mg/Nm3) ≤30
Working Days / Days Per Year ≥340
Overhaul Cycle/Year 3~5
Labor/Shift 2
Applicable Fuels Lump Anthracite, Lump Coke, Lump Petroleum Coke, Lump Biomass Fuel, etc.


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