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Main Equipment for Fabrication & Production

Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has developed to an area of 70000 square meters, plant construction area of 40000 square meters with six modern workshops, two heavy machinery workshops, one Municipal Technology Center and more than 260 sets of machining, assembling, welding and other equipments.

No Equipments Name Model Qty Remark
1 Vertical lathe DVT500×25/32 1 set Processing
2 Vertical lathe φ5 2 set Processing
3 Double column vertical lathe C5225E×25/12-4 2 set Processing
4 Vertical lathe CA5116EX10/5 1 set Processing
5 Planing machine 3×9m 2 set Processing
6 Planing machine BYE60100 2 set Processing
7 Boring mill PX6113/2 1 set Processing
8 Boring mill PX6111B 1 set Processing
9 Floor-type lathe φ4×15 1 set Shell processing
10 Gear hobbing machine φ5m 1 set Gear processing
11 Gear hobbing machine Y3135 2 set Gear processing
12 Travelling Crane 150T 1 set Crane
13 Travelling Crane 100T 2 set Crane
14 Travelling Crane 75T 3 set Crane
15 CNC cutting machine PKD-4000-18000 1 set Cutting steel plate
16 Plasma cutting machine LGK-100 1 set Cutting steel plate
17 Edge planer 15m 1 set Shell groove process
18 Plate rolling machine CDW11-35×3200 1 set Steel plate rolling
19 Plate rolling machine CDW11-80×3500 1 set Steel plate rolling
20 Automatic welding machine A6S 2 set Shell welding
21 Welding equipments   28set Electric welding
22 Cupola furnace 5T/H 2 set Cast Iron
23 Cupola furnace 3T/H 2 set Cast Iron
24 Furnace 3T/H 2 set Cast steel
25 Heat treatment Furnace   2 set Heat treatment

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Our products are sell well in each city in China and could also be found in Russia, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal, Bengal, Mexico, Armenia, Africa, South America, and etc, which are thought highly by our clients.



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