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TD Bucket Elevator

TD Bucket Elevator

Model: TD160 - TD450


Type: Belt type


Capacity: 9 - 68 (m³/h)


Elevating Height: ≤ 39 (m)

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TD Bucket elevator use belt as dragging device, it mainly use for conveying material with bulk densityρ<1.5t/m³in vertical direction, which can be powdery material, particles, small lump, less abrasive material. Use normal belt, the temperature of conveying material should not exceed 60℃, Use wire belt, conveying material temperature can reach 80℃,use heat resistant belt, material temperature not exceed 150℃, elevating height is 4~30m.Normal model of TD type bucket elevator is TD160、TD250、TD315、TD400 etc. conveying capacity is 3.1~66m³/h. which is widely use in chemical engineering, metallurgy, construction material, food, mining industries etc.

TD Bucket elevator is designed for vertical transportation powder, granular materials and small block and grinding of small materials, such as: coal, cement, stones, sand, clay, ore and so on. or other industries of dry mortar for construction, chemistry, etc.


1.Superior design-Low power required, effective inflow feeding & guiding discharge, steady operation,compact structure.

2.Vast range of application- Almost no limitation for lifting material forms and properties.

3.Free from pollution- Good sealing condition could effectively reduce the environmental pollution.

4.Advanced technology-Excellent design & reliable manufacturing way has greatly ensured the overall machine.

5.Designed to fit your operation-Silo bucket elevator can be customized to meet different capacity and working site.

6.Customized driving unit-Domestic or Imported brand can be chosen as per client’s requirement.


Model Type Capacity (m³/h) Hopper Drive Revolving Speed Max Size Elevating Height
Volume Bucket Pitch Bucket Width Speed
Deep Bucket Shallow Bucket Deep Bucket Shallow Bucket (mm) (mm) (m/s) (r/min) (mm) (m)
TD160 Belt Type 16.00 9.0 1.20 0.49 350/280 160 1.40 67 25 4.28~39.28
TD250 Belt Type 38.00 20.00 3.00 1.12 450/360 250 1.60 61 35 3.84~38.94
TD315 Belt Type 42.00 28.00 3.75 1.95 500/400 315 1.60 61 45 4.298~38.798
TD450 Belt Type 68.00 40.00 5.90 3.10 560/480 400 1.80 55 55 3.4-38.68

Note: The volume of the hopper in the table is the volume when the hopper is filled with water, which is similar to the actual filling volume. Therefore, the filling factor is not considered in the calculation formula of the conveying volume. The filling factor should be determined according to the particle size of the material in the specific selection, so as to correct the conveying volume given in this table.


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