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Shaftless Screw Conveyor

Shaftless Screw Conveyor

Type: Shaftless Type


Screw Dia: 150 - 500 (mm) 


Capacity: 2.4 - 28 (t/h)


Applied Material: Mineral, Cement, Coal, Sludge, Waste, etc.

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Shaftless Screw Conveyor is a fairly recent development in screw conveyor design and is growing in popularity because it is the perfect solution for many bulk solids handling applications. The shaftless screw conveyor is the solution for conveying many difficult bulk solids. In fact, the shaftless conveyor was so successful in the Environmental industry, that its use has been promoted in many other industries such as chemical, minerals processing, clay, silica, sand, lime, cement, etc.


1. Strong anti-winding, no central axis interference.
It has obvious advantages for conveying the sticky material, easy winding material.

2. Good environmental performance.
It adopts fully enclosed spiral surface, which can ensure that environmental hygiene and transportation of materials from pollution, no leakage.

3. Large torque, low energy consumption.
As the spiral without shaft, the material is not easy to plug, the discharge port is not blocked, which can be lower speed operation, smooth transmission, reduce energy consumption. The torque can be 4000N / m.

4. Large conveying capacity.
The capacity is 1.5 times as the traditional shaft screw conveyor with the same diameter. Long conveying distance and ultra-long distance transport materials. The conveying length can reach 30 meters, which also can be adjusted according to user needs and installed by multi-level series.


Model WLS150 WLS200 WLS250 WLS300 WLS400 WLS500
Screw Diameter (mm) 150 184 237 284 365 470
Pipe Diameter (mm) 180 219 273 351 402 500
Operating Angle ≤30° ≤30° ≤30° ≤30° ≤30° ≤30°
Max deliver length (m) 12 13 16 18 22 25
Capacity (t/h) 2.4 7 9 13 18 28
  Model L≤7 Y90L-4 Y100L1-4 Y100L2-4 Y132S-4 Y160M-4 Y160M-4
Motor Power   1.5 2.2 3 5.5 11 11
  Model L>7 Y100L1-4 Y100L2-4 Y112M-4 Y132M-4 Y160M-4 Y160M-4
  Power   2.2 3 4 7.5 15 15


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