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Magnesium Production Line

Capacity: 5000-20000 (t/a)


Smelting technology: Pidgeon Process


Main Material: Dolomite or Magnesite Calcination


Main Equipment: Rotary Kiln, Ball Mill, Preheater

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ZK Corp provide plant design, equipment & spare parts fabrication, installation and technical support service for magnesium ingot production plant from dolomite & magnesium oxide production plant from magnesite calcination, production capacity of single production line is 5,000-25,000 tons per year.

We are leading manufacturer of complete equipment for magnesium production line, and over 90% market share. We have done many successful projects in both China and overseas countries. POSCO is world class iron and steel supplier in Korea. Their magnesium alloy production lines are supplied by us. We also have light burnning magnesite project with capacity 100TPD in Tanzania.
ZK Corp began to manufacture equipments for Mg smelting industry from 1988, and focused on the technology upgrading and utilization. During 2003-2005, the company invented Vertical Pre-heater for the calcination of dolomite. This kind of new pre-heater saves fuel by 40% and increases the output by 30%. The exhaust gas is recycled and dust emission can be controlled under 50mg/m3. This kind of new pre-heater takes up more than 85% in the market share. 
ZK Corp has got the patent of energy-saving rotary kiln, vertical pre-heater and vertical cooler. Pidgeon process is applied in the company’s Mg smelting technology, this kind of process is advanced and reliable technology.
Magnesium Calcination Process Flow:
Step 1: Calcined - The calcined dolomite granular
a. Process introduction: As a result of mining dolomite is too large in volume, so crushing and calcining bulk dolomite, make its become particles.
b. Main equipments:Jaw Crusher,Conveyor,Vibrating screen,Vertical preheater,Rotary kiln,Vertical cooler,etc.
Step 2:Grinding and balling - Raw material production and storage
a. Process introduction: Calcined dolomite, using a ball mill and other equipment to the grinding ball material, storage after production well.
b. Main equipments:Electronic batching scale,Bucket elevator, Ball mill, Screw conveyer ,FU chain conveyor,etc.
Step 3:Reduction treatment - Reduction treatment raw materials
a. Process introduction: Refine the raw materials, product the qualified products and sales.
b. Main equipments:Reduction furnace,Wind machine Vacuum pump,Jet pump,etc.
Step 4:Refine - Produce products
a. Process introduction:Use of a series of equipment, refine the raw material, create quality products and sales them.
b. Main equipments:Refining furnace,Electronic moisture device,Pouring pump,Continuous casting machine,etc.


1. Our company's magnesium production lines at home and abroad in the lead industry, we have signed an annual output of 100000 tons of magnesium metal project with the world iron and steel giant Korean Pohang iron POSCO company.

2. The company equipment use the latest technology, the operation process is simple, and the company also provide hands-on training.

3. We produce products with high quality, durable, welcomed by the majority of users.

4. Application wide,The company can according to the customer demand design various types of production equipment, the products can operations in all sorts of conditions.

5. Our magnesium production line equipment has high product quality, simple production process and other advantages, welcome customers to order.


No. Item name Parameter for different production capacity
5000 t/a 10000 t/a 15000 t/a 20000 t/a
1 Vibration screen ZSGB1020 ZSGB1020 ZSGB1230 ZSGB1250
2 Inclined Belt Conveyor DJ.B500 DJ.B500 DJ.B650 DJ.B800
3 Vertical Preheater Quadrangle Hexagon Octagon Decagon
4 Rotary kiln Φ2.5×40m Φ3.0×50m Φ3.3×55m Φ38×58m
5 Vertical cooler 3.6×3.6 3.6×3.6 3.6×3.6 4.1×4.1
6 Cyclone filter Ø2500 Ø2800 2×Ø2000 2×Ø2800
7 High temp. bag filter ZL2100 ZL2350 ZL3300 ZL4300
8 High temp. fan N=315kW N=355kW N=500kW N=800kW
9 Bag filter ZM32-4 ZM32-5 ZM64-4 ZM64-6
10 Ball mill MQG1.83×7m MQG2.2×7m MQG2.4×7m MQG3.0×9m
11 Briquetter 3*LYQ5.0 3*LYQ6.0 4*LYQ6.0 4*LYQ8.0
12 Jaw crusher PEF150×750 PEF150×750 PEF250×750 PEF250×750


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