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Twin Shaft Mixer

Twin Shaft Mixer

Stirring Blade Diameter: 300 - 900 (mm)


Stirring Shaft Speed: 50 - 32 (r/min)


Capacity: 3 - 90 (t/h)


Application: Clay, sludge, fly ash, coal gangue, etc.

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The twin shaft mixer is a device that uses a pair of screw shafts with stirring blades to rotate synchronously to spray, humidify and stir the powdery materials while conveying them. The equipment has high stirring efficiency, compact structure, stable operation, clean and environmental protection.

Application Field:
It is used for humidifying, stirring and transporting solid granular materials or powder materials such as clay, sludge, fly ash and coal gangue, etc.
Working Principle:
The transmission device drives two impeller shafts equipped with stirring blades to rotate synchronously. When the material enters the machine tank from the feeding port, the water spray device immediately sprays water to make the material change from dry state to wet state. At the same time of humidification, the wet materials are continuously stirred and mixed with each other under the action of the spiral stirring blades, and move towards the discharge port, and finally the qualified materials are discharged from the discharge port.


1. The entire mixing and conveying process is carried out in a closed space, no dust leakage, clean and environmentally friendly.
2. It integrates mixing, humidification and conveying, with good mixing uniformity, high production efficiency and large capacity.
3. The mixing blades are made of wear-resistant materials and have been treated with special surface treatment, which has high wear resistance.
4. The whole machine has compact structure, small space occupation, stable transmission, high reliability and low noise.


Model Stirring blade diameter
Stirring shaft speed
Using spiral angel Motor power
Stirring moisture
ZJ300 300 50 3~5 12~21 11~18.5 3~25
ZJ400 400 48 5~12 12~21 15~30 3~25
ZJ500 550 45 12~20 12~21 22~45 3~25
ZJ600 600 43 15~25 12~21 30~55 3~25
ZJ650 650 41 20~40 12~21 30~55 3~25
ZJ700 700 40 30~50 12~21 37~75 3~25
ZJ800 800 36 40~70 12~21 45~90 3~25
ZJ900 900 32 60~90 12~21 55~132 3~25


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