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France PQ16 Disc Granulator Project

Equipment requirement:
1. PQ16 type disc granulator
2. Feeding materials: Iron ore powder
Client: France HOLCIM company
Technical communication process:
As a global executive cement design and manufacturing company, HOLCIM company has put forward special requirements for the structure of this granulator as follows
2 unpowered scrapers
Reinforced scraper support frame
Discharge chute
The transmission position shall be protected
In the communication time of more than two months, our technicians responded quickly, provided four versions of the general drawing of the equipment, presented the structural points concerned by customers in 3D details for many times, and finally determined the general drawing of the equipment. 
Equipment certification requirements:
The complete machine is CE certified, and the disc granulator of ZK Corp’s PQ series has obtained CE certification in February 2022. The customer is very satisfied and recognized.
Transportation suggestions:
In order to save the transportation cost, it is recommended that customers adopt LCL transportation. In order to meet this transportation requirement, we have adopted the overall external packaging scheme of iron frame, which has been approved by customers.
To sum up, “Rapid response + Technical Solution + Intimate service” is the purpose and concept of our ZK Corp to serve the customers!

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