How to do the run test of ball mill?

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After the ball mill installation is completed, and passed the inspection, can do the run test empty of ball mill. The run test of the ball mill should be carried out by a skilled ball mill operator, and strictly abide by the ball mill safety rules. This article will introduce you how to do the run test of ball mill?
1. Time of the continuous run test empty of ball mill not less than 12-24 hours, problems found in operation should be promptly resolved. If the run test empty is normal, can do the load run test. And the load run test should be carried out in stages. Should be depending on the discharge situation to do the feed, avoid unnecessary loss and damage of ball and cylinder liner.
2. Add appropriate materials and 1/3 the number of steel ball to run 12-24 hours.
3. Add to 2/3 the number of steel ball and then run 24-48 hours. According to the horizontal ball mill discharge situation, the output of qualified products, with reference to the actual ball loading capacity of similar ball mill, to determine the appropriate ball loading capacity of the ball mill, and then run not less than 72 hour. The above load increases and the time of run test, the size of the gear and reducer gear running conditions (temperature rise, noise, tooth surface contact, etc.) as a basis for the determination. If the tooth surface contact accuracy did not meet the design requirements, shall not operate at full capacity.
In the run test of ball mill, cooling, lubrication system should work properly. Main bearings, drive bearings, reducer temperature should be normal.And shoud carefully make all records. To extend the life of the ball mill, try to use and maintain the ball mill in the correct manner.

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