Relation between bag filter and dust concentration

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Bag filter has a lot of advantages such as high purification efficiency, large gas processing capacity, stability, easy operation, long bag life, maintenance workload is small, etc. Bag filter is suitablefor machinery, metallurgy, rubber, flour, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, carbon, building materials, mining and other industry. When use the bag filter, we must consider the concentration of dust, so as to be able to work properly, so we need to know the relation between bag filter and dust concentration.
Electrostatic precipitator ESP, it is generally used in the range 30g / Nm3 or less in the initial dust concentration. In gravity, inertial force and centrifugal force dust collector, in general, the greater the concentration of imported dust, the higher the dust removal efficiency. But this will increase the outlet dust concentration, so we can not just think that the dust treatment is good when have high dust removal efficiency,
In a filter dust collector, the initial dust concentration is lower, the overall dust removal performance will be better. At high initial dust concentrations, it is hoped that continuous cleaning with small changes in pressure loss.
In the Venturi scrubber, jet scrubber and other dust collector, taking into account the throat section of the friction loss and nozzle clogging and other factors, it is hoped that the initial dust concentration below 10g / Nm3.
The adhesion of dust plays an important role in the formation of the primary layer of filter dust dust. Dust adhesion is not only related to its specific surface area, but also the composition of the dust and the nature of the gas and the characteristics of dust adhesion to each other.
Dust and wall adhesion mechanism is very complicated, but in general it has a great relationship with the specific surface area of dust. The specific surface area F of dust is the surface area of the dust particles per unit volume. If d represents the diameter of the spherical dust particles, then F will be expressed as follows: The smaller the particle size d is, the larger the specific surface area F is and the greater its adhesion is.
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