How to improve the efficiency of ball mill equipment?

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Mineral processing ball mill equipment commonly used the pressure and friction force between steel balls and other grinding media to grind the material, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore grinding, and metal smelting, ceramic products, fine chemicals, cement production lines, power stations and other industries, ball mill can be used for grinding and milling operations, however, there are some long-term issues such as high energy consumption, rapid wear of steel, grinding efficiency, what are the main reasons that affect the working efficiency of ball mill equipment? And how to improve the efficiency of ball mill equipment?
Reasons 1. Grinding media level matching and the ball quality is not reasonable, not according to the special nature of different materials to choice grinding media specifications and loading capacity, resulting in a low coefficient of mill output device (Output coefficient = output / load), usually between 0.3 to 0.9.
Reasons 2. In the ore grinding process, the grading treatment is not based on the amount of grinding energy required, to maximize the utilization of grinding energy.
Reasons 3. When mixed and ground those materials in different physical and chemical properties, unfiltered the debris in material, and large volume of bulk materials, such as coal mixed with stone.
Reasons 4. Job scheduling and adjustment of peripheral facilities is unreasonable. Ventilation performance, degree of dryness and grinding output, the three do not match, there has been an unnecessary increase in energy consumption.
Reasons 5. Abrasion resistance of grinding media is not enough strength, after a few months of operation, rounded rate increases, grinding output began to gradually reduce.
Methods and concepts to improve grinding efficiency:
1. Optimize grading and loading of the ball and other grinding media. 
According to the specific circumstances of the particle size distribution of the material, the impact power required for grinding and the fineness of the exit fineness, to develop different specifications grinding media shape, size and loading, to improve the grinding speed.
2. Through the optimization of mineral processing equipment mill liner design and placement form, to achieve grade-grinding operations. 
According to different particle size in the mill grinding process of movement, by improving the liner combination and mode of operation, to enhance the throwing of the ball on the grinding body, the highest point, so that the grinding media along the length of the mill according to the size distribution of materials in the form of self-regulation forward grading, to maximize the role of energy supply.
3. Optimize the working environment.
According to the unique nature of a variety of ore (moisture content, grinding coefficient, electrostatic adsorption and other detailed parameters), through multi-directional multiple comprehensive test, fair and reasonable according to the experimental results to adjust the mill differential pressure, outlet temperature, material supply and separation separation equipment beneficiation efficiency, the establishment of standardized standardization of operation control standard, maintaining beneficiation ball mill continued to be at its maximum output under good operation.

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