The investment value of lime rotary kiln

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Lime rotary kiln mainly used for active limestone and dolomite, titanium, steel and other materials for calcination, light burning. So, it is worth it to invest lime rotary kiln? Now ZKcorp introduce you the investment features and value of lime rotary kiln:
1. Using high-quality composite refractory materials, to make the device's air leakage coefficient less than 8%, can effectively reduce heat loss.
2. Lime rotary kiln structure is relatively advanced, using low-pressure vertical preheater, can greatly improve the effect of preheating the material, make the decomposition rate of lime rotary kiln increased by 30%, not only increase the output of lime rotary kiln, it also reduces the amount of heat required during calcination.
3. In the lime kiln discharge port set a cooler, the material can be recycled to the feed inlet for re-use, in transfer process can also transfer heat to the material, improve utilization, save fuel resources and reduce production costs.
4. Lime rotary kiln seal effect is good, dust and noise pollution is small, also equipped with flue gas treatment device, can effectively recover waste gas and dust, emissions meet the requirements of environmental protection, energy-saving green production can be achieved.
5. Simple structure, transmission speed flexible, can be transferred to operate, adjust the speed, according to the characteristics of the material configuration different transmission speed, so that the material is heated more evenly, improve production efficiency.
Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd. has decades of production history, technology, experience, technology and other aspects have reached a mature stage. Equipment quality, technology in the industry have a good reputation. Equipment quoted reasonable, users can buy a good price to the ideal device.

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