Advantages of using rotary kilns to treat hazardous wastes

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Hazardous waste has chemical reactivity, toxicity, explosiveness and corrosiveness. With the development of industry, a large number of hazardous wastes are produced, in addition, the unreasonable disposal of hazardous waste, caused many environmental pollution problems. Incineration is one of the most effective ways to reduce, detoxify and recycle hazardous wastes in many treatments, cement rotary kilns have the potential to deal with hazardous wastes. This article will introduce you advantages of using cement rotary kilns to treat hazardous wastes.
1. High processing temperature
Rotary kiln material temperature at 1450 ℃ -1550 ℃, while the gas temperature is 1700 ℃ -1800 ℃. At high temperature, toxic and harmful waste components completely decomposed, the general rate of 99.99% removal of incineration. However, the incinerator flue gas and material temperature can only reach 850 ℃ -1100 ℃.
2. Stay a long time
Rotary kiln cylinder is long, waste in the kiln at high temperature for a long time. According to the general statistics, the total residence time of the material from kiln tail to kiln head is about 35min, the residence time of gas above 950 ℃ is above 8s, and the residence time above 1300 ℃ is more than 3s, which is more conducive to the combustion of waste and decomposition. However, the incinerator flue gas temperature is higher than 1100 ℃ only 2s.
3. Incineration is easy to stabilize
Rotary kiln is a large thermal inertia, very stable combustion system. It is composed of rotary kiln metal cylinder, refractory bricks built in the kiln, crust formed in the sintering belt and material to be calcined, of great quality, and the refractory material has the heat insulating property, not because of changes in the amount and nature of waste inputs resulting in large temperature fluctuations, the system is easy to stabilize and control.
4. Alkaline environment
Raw materials used in the production of cement composition determines the rotary kiln is a basic atmosphere, which can effectively inhibit the discharge of acidic substances, making SO2 and Cl and other chemical composition of salts fixed, reduce or avoid the general combustion of dioxin after the phenomenon.
5. No waste discharge
In the cement industry's production process, only raw materials and clinker produced by calcination process, there is no incineration of the incinerator to generate slag and other issues; and cement rotary kiln negative pressure operation, flue gas and dust rarely spill.

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