Common fault handling of wet ball mill

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1. Wet ball mill failure phenomenon:
(1) Wet ball mill outlet overflow slurry increases or overflow port plugging, or slurry pipe clogging;
(2) wet ball mill slurry circulation box hit empty, mill slurry circulation pump current abrupt reduction;
(3) wet ball mill current increases (serious decline in current), the sound dull;
(4) have a larger metal percussion sound;
(5) Running wet ball mill bearing oil pressure is low;
(6) wet ball mill bearing temperature is high;
(7) Ball mill outlet slurry with small particles of limestone or blocking material.
2. Reason of the failure:
(1) Wet ball mill entrance too much material, or join the process water and filtrate water control failure;
(2) Wet ball mill circulating slurry tank fill water control failure or clogging hydrocyclone, leading to return to the circulating slurry tank water reduction;
(3) To enter the mill too much limestone and water control ratio inappropriate;
(4) Lining may be off lining;
(5) Oil leakage or lubricating oil pump is not working properly;
(6) Lube oil pressure is not normal, lubricating oil cooler work is not normal;
(7) Due to the ball mill ball less than or with the wrong size;
3. Solutions to the failure:
(1) Should immediately stop the belt weighing feeder, see the amount of limestone into the mill and join the amount of water is appropriate, timely processing. After the fault is eliminated and unblocked, the equipment can resume normal operation.
(2) Manually open the circulation valve slurry tank, increase the amount of water, check the hydrocyclone underflow and clear processing, to maintain the mill slurry circulation pump operation to continue pulping;
(3) Reduce the amount of limestone into the ball mill or stop feeder, to be normal operation of the mill, then start feeding;
(4) Lining may be off lining, timely outage, inspection, recovery.
(5) Check the lubrication pipe leakage treatment; check the circulation pump, adjusted to normal operation;
(6) Check the lubricating oil station lubricant flow, the cooler input, check the bearing at the cooling water is normal;
(7) Strengthen the inspection of equipment technology, regularly add steel ball, according to the ball mill current control.

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