What are the types of pulse dust collector?

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Pulse dust collector is a new high efficiency pulse bag filter improved based on the bag filter. In order to further improve, the modified pulse bag filter retains the advantages of high purification efficiency, large processing gas capacity, stable performance, convenient operation, long service life of the filter bag and small maintenance workload. And reform from the structure and pulse valve, solved the problems which dust collector placed in open air and compressed air source pressure is low. What are the types of pulse dust collector? the following ZKcorp introduce for everyone:
1. Tubular pulse jet dust collector.
When the pulse dust collector cleaning, the compressed air is sprayed directly into the filter bag by the hole of the injection pipe at the upper part of the filter bag mouth. In the filter bag mouth installed venturi tube to do the diversion. Some do not installed venturi, but it requires injection pipe with perforations center bag in a vertical line. Tube blowing is the most commonly used method of cleaning. Its characteristic is easy to achieve the uniform injection of all filter bags, bag cleaning effect is good.
2. Box pulse jet dust collector.
Box-type injection is a bag filter chamber with a pulse valve injection, do not set the injection pipe, a dust collector is divided into a number of dust bag filter room, install a number of electromagnetic pulse valve, match with the bag room, The biggest advantage of box-type pulse dust collector is the injection device is simple, easy to change bags. However, the number of filter bag of single-chamber is limited. If the number of bags too much, it will affect the bag cleaning effect.
3. Mobile pulse jet dust collector.
The mobile pulse jet dust collector consists of a pulse valve and a movable tube and a number of nozzles to form a mobile blowing head. Each group of filter bags is equipped with a separate collector chamber. When the nozzle moves to a plenum chamber, open the pulse valve, high-pressure air is injected into the box by the nozzle, then enter each dust bag for cleaning, it is characterized by a set of injection device blowing a number of rows. Although the mobile injection can reduce the number of the injection tubes and the pulse valve, but the injection pipe processing and installation of strict requirements, maintenance is not very convenient.

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