Characteristics of calcining system of lime rotary kiln

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As a professional manufacturer of lime kiln, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the latest technology research and development. Here are analysis of the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of lime rotary kiln calcination system introduced by ZKcorp:
1. When calcining metallurgy and activated lime use the lime rotary kiln, has lower heat consumption per unit of product, in comparison, is much lower heat consumption than the shaft kiln.
2. Clcination process of activated lime rotary kiln has relatively high degree of mechanization, and easy to control the operation process, system production is large, is widely used in metallurgy and other large industrial production needs.
3. Lime rotary kiln calcination system, has much equipments and is heavy, So the amount of steel consumed per unit of product is large, and high investment, at the same time lime rotary kiln equipment covers an large area.
4. Large limestone material wear in the lime kiln system, more product powder, and there are certain requirements on the strength of the material. General raw materials calcined in the shaft kiln can get a better piece of lime, in the lime rotary kiln system, calcination may produce a large amount of powder, so that the kiln yield is low.
5. In the calcination process of lime rotary kiln, the material is tumbling, so heat more evenly, and the temperature of the combustion device is easy to control, the calcination quality is better. The resulting lime product has a degree of activity is 360-400 ml, and lime pollution is small, more conducive to high-purity lime.
6. Lime rotary kiln can calcine small size raw materials, thus improving the utilization of raw materials, and the resulting product can be directly steelmaking does not require crushing.
In the continuous development of industry, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. focus on building a lime kiln brand, innovative research and development of new technologies, to enhance their core competitiveness. Its product performance excellence, high yield and low consumption, won the praise of all sectors of society. Welcome to the new and old customers visit our friends, counseling order favorite products, we wholeheartedly for your service.

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