Important notes when stop the rotary kiln

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Due to various reasons, during the process of using the rotary kiln, users need stop the kiln temporary, short-term, or longer-term. In order to ensure that equipment is in good condition during this period, and can be used normally again, ZKcorp specially formulated the following important notes when stop the rotary kiln for the reference of our customers.
1. When stopping the kiln time is not more than 10 minutes, stop feeding, stop refueling, but the blower should continue to operate and slightly close the flue gate; When stop the kiln more than 10 minutes, flue gate should be closed, and stop the exhaust. To prevent the kiln bending, within an hour after stopping the kiln, turn the kiln every 5 to 10 minutes 1/4 turn; After stopping the kiln in the second hour, every 15-20 minutes turn 1/4 turn; After stopping the kiln in the third hour, every 30 minutes turn kiln 1/4 turn; And after, every hour 1/4 turn.
2. To stop the kiln long-term, then burn off knot, kiln skin firstly. After stopping the fuel supply, pull out the burner and need to unload all the material in the kiln, after the kiln is completely cooled, stop exhausting.
3. After stopping the kiln, it is necessary to overhaul the gear transmission gear meshing situation and the gear gap; Various connecting bolts are not loose; Lubricating oil of all lubrication points need to be supplemented; The cooling water of each protection site must be completely and completely removed, especially in winter to prevent freezing and damaging pipes and valves.
4. If the rotary kiln has been cooled to room temperature, need to stop kiln long-term, and it should be noted, turn four times a day before the previous month, each cylinder turn 1/4 turn. A month later, every four days turn four times, each cylinder turn 1/4 turn. Three months later, four times every eight days, each cylinder turn 1/4 turn. In order to ensure that the rotary kiln body is not easy to deformation, maintain a stable and good condition. Otherwise kiln long-term stay in one position, due to the influence of outside temperature and self-respect, will occur serious bending deformation, in the next start lead to normal start, due to deformation of the kiln.
5. Long-term stop kiln, lubricating oil to be rust-proof anti-corrosion protection treatment, in the surface of the roller, belt, gear wheel, electrical appliances to do moisture protection treatment.

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