Requirements of pulverized coal burner for rotary kiln

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Pulverized coal burner is the main component of the rotary kiln, its role is to send the pulverized coal and the air required for combustion to the kiln, and organize a reasonable airflow structure, so that fuel can quickly catch fire, and stable. Which kind of pulverized coal burner is better for rotary kiln? these requirements are as follows:
1. Strong adaptability to fuels, especially when burning anthracite or inferior coal, can ensure complete combustion under the low air excess coefficient, with the lowest CO and NOx emissions;
2. Flame shape enables the entire burning zone has a strong and uniform thermal radiation, is conducive to clinker grain, mineral crystalline normal development, prevent burning belt dust, the formation of a stable kiln skin, extend the service life of refractory bricks.
3. Outside the ring with intermittent injection, to ensure that the hot state is not deformed, jet uniform and stable, forming a good flame shape, it is best to use multiple small nozzles to spray;
4. Winch flame mask technology to avoid the peak temperature, reduce the emissions of harmful gases NOx, so that the temperature distribution within the kiln is reasonable, improve burn ability;
5. Use flame stabilizer, affected by the amount of coal fed, coal quality and the impact of changes in the kiln situation is small, flame is more stable;
6. Simple structure, adjust sensitive and convenient, adapt to changes in different conditions of the kiln, meet the different burning coal and the formation of different flame requirements.
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