Precautions when use the rotary kiln

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Correct operation, maintenance and overhaul of the rotary kiln can avoid the occurrence of equipment accidents, extend the safe operation cycle of the rotary kiln, prolong the service life of the equipment, reduce the power consumption and the consumption of auxiliary materials. Therefore, we should pay great attention to the operation and maintenance of rotary kiln, in response to these problems of aftermarket survey, our engineers summed up some precautions when use the rotary kiln for reference:
1. Strictly abide by the rotary kiln process technology operating procedures, strict control technology parameters of rotary kiln.
2. Hanging high temperature warning signs, prohibited touch the hot parts to prevent burns.
3. When working around the rotary kiln, must wear the correct labor insurance products (Overalls, safety helmets, dust caps, masks, goggles, gloves, safety shoes, seat belts, etc.) Do not wear short-sleeved shirts and chemical overalls. Overalls should be tightened, to avoid part of the rotating parts of the clothes hanger sleeves, causing personal injury.
4. Must use the fire mask to see the rotary kiln through the observation hole inspection, and wear leather gloves, do not allow direct viewing; the hole should be closed when not observe the hole. Non-staff should be evacuated kiln platform to prevent hot flue gas from injuring others.
5. During operation, it is not allowed to penetrate the bearings, reducer or large gear cover by hand or other things, and any repair inspection or cleaning work, can not be broken down security guards.
6. Often check the roller and roller, wheel contact and wear evenly, with or without excessive force and so on. Every 4 hours, carefully check the reducer sound to see if there is noise and noise.
7. Often check the exhaust gas and the outlet temperature, so as not to overheat the cylinder, the cylinder will not allow partial burning red phenomenon.
8. Feeder to mud operation should be uniform, to prevent ups and downs.
9. Stable feed rate and stable kiln speed are crucial. New kilns for the first time the initial feeding rate and kiln speed can control the best in the design value of about 35%. kiln speed with the feed rate increases gradually accelerated. When the system is operating normally, the kiln speed should generally be controlled at 3.0r / min.
10. Any repair work must be carried out after stopping the kiln, and should be hung in the motor switch "forbidden" sign.
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