Operation precautions and maintenance of bucket elevator

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1. Bucket elevator operation precautions:
(1) The bucket elevator should be maintained and managed by designated personnel, the key of the power switch box is managed by the designated person.
(2) The bucket elevator must have winch limiter and travel limiter, the limiter should allow the pulley to stop automatically when it is raised 300mm from the reel or pulley.
(3) The bucket elevator should have a maximum load sign, do not overload the weight (1T) in ascension, landing.
(4) After power transmission, check winch limiter, stroke limiter, interlock switch and other safety devices, if the action is sensitive and reliable, and test hanging.
(5) Before lifting and landing, after the bell alarm, can start.
(6) The bucket elevator absolutely not allowed manned.
(7) After work, lifting plate should be landing, and then cut off the power, close the fence door.
(8) Always maintain a clean environment around the bucket elevator.
2. Bucket elevator maintenance:
(1) The bucket elevator should start at no load. Therefore, before each stop should exhaust all the material inside the hopper, and then stop.
(2) Can not be reversed, may occur derailment of the chain, the troubleshooting is very troublesome.
(3) Uniform feeding, prohibit suddenly increase the feeding amount. Feeding volume can not exceed the conveying capacity of the bucket elevator. Otherwise easily lead to the bottom of the material accumulation serious "stuffy machine" accident.
(4) Timely replenishment of lubricants.
(5) Chain and hopper serious wear or damage should be promptly replaced.
The above is the introduction of bucket elevator, if you have any unclear areas can call us. And we will, as always, committed to the long-term stable development of Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd. to provide our clients with the best bucket elevator, sincerely welcome new and old customers visit our factory visit.

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