Installation and maintenance of cement ball mill

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Cement ball mill maintenance is an extremely important regular work, it should be in close cooperation with the operation of the machine, should have a professional operator on duty inspection. Here are some suggestions on installation and maintenance of cement ball mill for you:
1. Maintenance of cement ball mill
(1) cement ball mill bearings
Ball mill bearings bear the full load of the machine, so good lubrication can extend the bearing life, directly affects the life of the machine and operating rate. Therefore, it is required that the injected lubricating oil must be clean and the sealing must be good. The main oiling places of this machine: (a) Rotating bearings. (b) Roller bearings. (c) All gears. (d) Activities bearing, sliding plane.
(2) The newly installed tire prone to loosening must always be checked.
(3) Attention to the work of the various parts of the machine is normal.
(4) Attention to check the wear of wear parts, always pay attention to replace the worn parts.
(5) Should remove dust and other objects which in the plane of the chassis to put the movable device, in case the movable bearing can not move on the chassis, when encounters an unbreakable material, resulting in a serious accident.
(6) Bearing oil temperature rise, stop immediately check the reasons and eliminate.
(7) Rotating gears in the operation, if the impact of sound, should immediately stop inspection and eliminate.
2. Cement ball mill installation test
(1) The equipment should be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation, with anchor bolts.
(2) When installed, the main body should be horizontal and vertical.
(3) After installation, check all parts of the bolt, loose, and the host compartment door is tightened, fastening.
(4) According to the power of the device configuration power cord and control switch.
(5) After checking, carry out empty load test, if normal, can be produced.

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