Pan Granulator

Diameter: 1000 - 4200 (mm)


Height: 250 - 800 (mm)


Capacity: 1 - 18 (t/h)


Application: LECA, Lime Powder, Clay, Slag, etc.

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Pan granulator is a kind of granulation equipment, which converts powdered materials into uniform, round pellets, such as bauxite, shale, clay, sludge, fly ash, slag etc. It has the advantages of uniform grain size, high output, compact structure, convenient control and smooth operation, which can be widely used in ceramic sand, petrochemical, construction, fire-resistant insulation and other fields.
Pan granulator is composed by shell, pan assembly, motor, gear reducer, stuctural steel base etc. 


1. High efficiency of granulation, uniform size of finished product particle size, high strength;
2. Adopt frequency control motor, easy to adjust the revolving speed;
3. Ensure the accuracy of the equipment assembly requirements and improve the stability of the machine running;
4. Ensure that the state in the tilt, reducer bearings can be balanced, full lubrication, can significantly improve its service life;
5. Pan granulator was optimized to significantly reduce dust pollution, operation and maintenance are more convenient;
6. Widely adaptability of raw materials, high production efficiency, product quality and stability.


Model(mm) Volume(m³) Capacity(t/h) Revolving Speed(r/min) Power(kW)
Ø2200 2 1-2 15 15
Ø2700 4 2-3 15 30
Ø3000 7 5-6 16 45
Ø3200 10 6-8 16 55
Ø3500 13 8-10 16 75
Ø3600 14 10-12 16 75
Ø4000 18 11-14 14 110
Ø4200 22 14-18 14 132

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